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Bald: follicularly challenged.

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

Beware of programmers carrying screwdrivers

Bigamy : one wife too many. Monogamy : same thing

Black Holes are Out of Sight

Blessed are the pessimists, they make backups!

Bliss *IS* ignorance

Blood is thicker than water, and tastier.

Bo Peep did it for the insurance.

Bombs don't kill people, explosions kill people.

Bonking with Barbie..

Borderline psychotic with hermit-like tendencies.

Bore: A person who talks when you wish him to listen.

Bored? Drive the speed limit... in your garage.

Born Again Virgin.

Boy: A noise with dirt on it.

Brain dysfunction detected....

Brain over - Insert coin

Brain: The apparatus with which we think that we think.

Breast size multiplied by IQ always equals 69

Breathing may be hazardous to your health.

Britannia waives the rules.

Bug off, Banana Nose; Relieve mine eyes

Bugger me with a fish fork..

Bugs are Sons of Glitches!

Bugs, like coathangers, breed if unobserved.

Building Contractors, not to be confused with homemakers

Bullets speak louder than reason.

Bullshit makes the flowers grow and that's beautiful.

Bumper sticker on a hearse: I'd rather be breathing

Bungee Jumper? Catch you on the rebound.

Bureaucrats cut red tape, lengthwise

Bus error (Passengers dumped)

Bush wears a hat so he knows which end to wipe!

But my little voice TOLD me to do it!

But soft, what light through yonder tagline breaks?

But then again, I like cold toilet seats.

But what if I'm a figment of my OWN imagination?

Buy Land Now. It's Not Being Made Any More.

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