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How to Compare Files and Folders

I’ve shared ways to compare Word Documents or compare files and folders using WinMerge, but these tools are require to be installed on your system, but Text Diff is a free folder comparison portable no install tool that lets you compare files and folders and highlight the differences.

Features :

  • Compare files and folders
  • View file differences during folder compare
  • Very fast file compare algorithm
  • Highlights differences within individual lines
  • Drag and Drop enabled
  • customizable color highlighting of differences
  • two-way merging
  • 2 Panes for easy comparison
  • Portable, No install tool.

As it is a portable application, It can be easily carried on your USB Thumb drive.

Keyboard Shortcuts :

  • File/ Folder Compare Toggle – F6
  • Open File 1 /Folder 1 – Ctrl + 1
  • Open File 2 /Folder 2 – Ctrl + 2
  • Compare – F6
  • Toggle Split Horizontally / Vertically – Ctrl + H

Download Text Diff

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