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We already have BIOS supporting boot from removable storage device like USB drive and SD card however in order to take full advantage of this feature you must first create bootable USB drive of operating of your choice. In past we have covered manual method of creating bootable Windows 7 USB drive now here is comparatively easy & automated way to create bootable Windows 7 USB.

Windows 7 SBB (Serial Bus Booting) is freeware tool which allows you to select any removable device and make a Windows 7 booter. Although commonly used for USB, it can be used for SD cards as well, as long as your BIOS support it! Quickly make a bootable Windows 7 USB device using this small utility.

The only disadvantage of Windows 7 SBB Tool is it doesn’t support ISO files. You will have to extract the files to their own independent folder.

Windows 7 SBB Tool

Download Windows 7 SBB Tool 1.0.

P.S .Net Framework 4.0 is required

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