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PDF Password Remover is a freeware tool

A while back, we shared some nifty utilities to Remove PDF Security Restrictions, Password Protect PDF and Remove Password from PDF Files. Another similar free app, PDF Password Remover is recently launched for Windows that aims to quickly wipe out all the restrictions of a PDF file, without requiring the owner password. Thus, to let users decrypt the PDF and remove the printing, copying text and editing protection.

PDF Password Remover is a freeware tool to remove PDF restriction from protected PDF files. It is very easy to use, offers drag and drop functionality and it even supports batch conversion to decrypt multiple PDFs at once. One can easily remove the owner password from any PDF document just by dragging the file(s), the tool will then instantly and automatically export the un-protected file to the output directory, and the output folder opens up itself in the explorer. You can also specify the desired output path.


This is one of the simplest and fastest application to remove restrictions from PDF(s). Moreover, a portable version of it is also available. However, it should be noted that PDF Password Remover cannot remove the user password, i.e. you cant remove the PDF password and restriction if there is a user password set.

Download PDF Password Remover

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