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What I understand from term "development"

What I understand from term "development"
From what I understand from the term, a developed country, it is the
dividing line between an advanced country and  a developing country. It is
generally based on per capita income. Those with per capita incomes of less
than one fifth of the level of those in the US are considered 'undeveloped'.
   The definition is very similar to explanation of wealth and poverty. It
also suggests the balance of power between the two countries which are at
different stages of development.

   This definition of development is not totally agreeable because it is
quitecommon for a country's national income to grow quite substantially
without benefiting the poor sections of the country as much as the rich.
In fact further development could elevate poverty. This approach emphasises
development now became a synonym for social improvement and could only be
measured by the extent to which the social objectives were achieved.
   My personal definition of 'development' is to include not only basic
needs but emotionalm spiritual and political needs as well.
   Freedom in political sense is important, but freedom from ignorance,
misery and hatred will contribute to our spiritual needs.
  Development is the multi dimentional process whereby societies improves
their living standard, reduce inequalities and abolish poverty among their
   The state of development theory is not of a standard that enables us to
make generalised statements. IUt sounds very idelaistic. However the term
development just cannot be measures on statistics and incomes of the
population. It needs to be investigated whether the income i eequally
distributed and whether there is an availability of various services.

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