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                              TELEVISON VIOLENCE

In today's society television plays a big role. People watch T.V. for many different

reasons. People watch T.V. mainly for entertainment, they also watch T.V. to

learn, and to find out news. Some people watch T.V. and get the wrong idea

about what they're watching, they feel that what they are watching is okay to do.

Violence is a major factor, it affects people of ages. The worst outcome of T.V. is



that it sends out the wrong messages. Some people get bad ideas from the

violence on T.V. Although violence on television is not the greatest thing, it

should be not be banned or restricted in any way.

    Most people watch T.V. to get away from reality. Watching shows that

depict a fantasy world are a lot more interesting to watch. People don't want to

see things that happen to them on a regular bases. Although sometimes seeing

something that has happened to you before may be funny. Watching T.V. relieves

stress and can be good for your health. Doctors say that laughing is good for

your health.

    Violence on T.V. is a very debatable issue. Some people say that it is

totally wrong and that it should be banned. Most people like the violence and find

it to be very entertaining. Parents find it very hard to restrict their kids from

watching violent television programs. The child would want to watch that

program twice as much just because their parents said not to watch it. The child

would be curious to find out what is so wrong about the program. Some people

get the wrong messages or get bad ideas from watching some shows. If parents

were to educate their children before watching shows like "Mighty Morphan

Power Rangers", " X-Men" and "Cops" , then they wouldn't have to worry about

their child getting wrong messages. Television shows also send out wrong

messages to adults too. People that watch shows like "Cops" may and try the

violent acts that are shown on this show.

    T.V. can a very strong influence and can have a major affect on the ways

we see things. Some people feel that violence on television should be banned.

Other people feel that it is entertaining. The people behind the whole thing feel

that whatever the majority wants, it's what they're going to get.

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