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Desktop management free software

Organizes desktop into customizable containers - showing folders (e.g.: local folders, network locations) contents, displayed as icons/thumbnails (generated with in-built thumbnail engine) on scrollable surface. Supported media formats can be quickly: previewed, listened, played using in-built multimedia front end. Other management features consist of file & folder rules, time & location based settings, labels and more.

Key features

    • Labels
      Labels can be used to organize files & folders, by highlighting those with one of available colourful labels.
    • Sorting
      Files and folders can be sorted by name, extension, type, label, sub items count, times clicked, size, creation or last modification date.
    • Container name label
      Place type container can show customizable name label either on top or bottom of the container to help distinguish from each other.
    • File and folder rules
      Rules allow to copy or move new files and folders matching pattern or time range from/to desired location.
    • Quick search
      When typing in focused container it will be automatically scrolled to first query matching element by its name.
    • Custom ordering
      Elements can be rearranged and their order will be preserved.
    • PlaceTime
      It has support for dynamically changing supported settings and features for given location and time range.
    • Sorting by content
      Files and folders can be sorted by their content and grouped into sets of matching similiar: images, audio files, documents and other files.


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