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The broken flashdik that will repair in this tutorial is the kind of software broken. The indication, Flasdisk was detected by the computer that led to the location of the drive, it can be drive D, E, F and so on. Typically, damaged Flashdisk software, will display an error message when going in use such as "Write Protect Error" or "The disk is write protected" and so on. In other terms, this type of damage called 'corrupt'.

Any type of damaged flasdisk has several levels from mild to severe. To repair it depends on the level flash broken itself.
The following tutorial to improve Flashdisk from some level of broken :

1. Lightweight
First of all open Run, type cmd, then type chkdsk Drive Letter: / f
a. DOS command chkdsk is checking hard drive errors
b. Letter Drive: Drive is the location Flashdisk, this command on the contents of the flash drive.
c: / F is Fixes errors on the disk, ie, delete command on the disk error.
Wait until the process of running 100%, If the command appears Convert folder to file? [Type] Y. then delete the files / folders were corrupted with the command DEL V :*.*.

2. Rather heavy

a. Download application Hewlett Packard USB Disk Storage Format Tool here. (
b. Install the application and enter the flashdisk to one of USB port. Make sure your flashdisk is detected
c. Start the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
d. Specify the drive where the flashdisk is connected,
e. Select Create New or Replace Existing Configuration to create a new partition and delete the existing configuration in the flashdisk,
f. Format your flash file in accordance with the desired system.

3. Heavy
If damaged Flashdisk due to Bad Sector, the next step could be the last alternative use Partition Magic utility. With this software, we try to remove the Bad Sector:
a. Install Partition Magic
b. After the complete installation, run the program. Press Resize Partitions menu. Then navigate to the Flashdisk drive. This menu will change the size of our flash partition. Then specify the size with no bad sector location.
Beware: that PartitionMagic can check the bad sectors through Operations menu -> Check for Errors as a feature in Windows. This ScanDisk utility needs to run before running Partition Magic to ensure the potition of Bad Sector location.
Another way is to delete the existing partitions on the flash through Operations menu button -> Delete.
Partition Magic has Lots of features associated with the handling of hard drive. You can develop yourself. Download Partition Magic at here or on any webs.

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