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How To Create lots of Folders In Windows XP

If you are a Windows OS user you might have noticed that there is no shortcut key for creating a new folder,In case you have the need to create multiple folders, it can be tedious with right clicking > New > Folder, but using New Folder Wizard which is a free new folder creation tool for Windows that can create new folders with incremental naming with user defined name, prefix and suffix.You can copy folder names into clipboard with Copylist function.

This being no install too makes it even better, so that you can create new folders anywhere by having it on your usb drive.


Features :

  • Create up to 20,000 new folders at a time
  • Preview all of your new folders, with the preview functionality
  • Numbering the folders, prefix and suffix text, zero padding for naming folders
  • own naming and incrementing scheme
  • prefix and suffix text: %D and %T to insert the CURRENT short date and time respectively.
  • Portable application

Requires Microsoft.NET runtime files and works on all Windows OS.

Download New Folder Wizard

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