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eCalc is a free online calculator that supports many advanced features including unit conversion, equation solving, and even complex-number math.  The calculator is designed to work directly in your browser and requires no special plug-ins.

Input Mode (Algebraic vs. RPN)

The online calculator operates in either algebraic input (default mode) or RPN input.  The calculator mode is set by clicking on the "ALG/RPN" symbol in the status bar or by changing the mode inside the menu dialog box.

Online Scientific Calculator

There is a Windows desktop version of basic calculator. It’s completely free and it runs on your computer without requiring an internet connection. It has support for 6 languages.

Download Free Calculator (Windows Installer)

A Portable version of eCalc basic calculator is also there which allows you to run the calculator from a flash thumb drive, or right from your desktop without requiring any installation.

Download Portable Calculator (Standalone exe version)

Other Alternative –

web2.0 calc

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