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How to make a Batch File Without knowledge of Programming


Batch file is a text file with series of commands which would execute one by one on launching this single file. So, it can be used to automate your daily and repetitive tasks on windows. These tasks could be like executing a program, opening a website or simply open a file or document.

Let me give you a simple example where I need a batch file: I open Gmail, Facebook and Twitter every morning in web browser followed by a Music playlist in media player. All these tasks can be done by launching single batch file. Here’s how you can do it using a software to create batch file.

AutoStarter X3 is a portable software tool to create command files or batch file. And that too without knowledge of programming.Just specify file, web address or a program to be executed and batch file will be ready in one click.


Program has a single window interface and new command can be added by clicking on Add button. Here is a description of each command given there:

  • File(s)- Select one or more than one file to open in their default program. (Opening a .JPG file will open it with default photo viewer with which it is associated)
  • Webpages Tabs- Specify the web browser to be used to open a web address.
  • Webpages Windows- Open a web URL in default web browser of your PC.
  • Directory- Open a folder on your Hardrive or Network location.
  • Shortcut- Open a shortcut to file or web URL (lnk or url)
  • Music Files Directory- You can create a playlist of songs in a folder and then play them back via the default player. The creation of the playlist can take several minutes, depending on the number of songs in the folder, close the warning that pops up OK.
  • Open file with Program- Open a file in specific program of your choice instead of default. (Opening a JPG image in Photoshop when .JPG is associated with Windows photo viewer)
  • Execute Program- Run a software program specified.

After specifying the commands, you can test how the batch file will execute. If it is all right, click on Batch to create a Batch *.bat) file. Program also gives you an option to save project to edit or develop it later.

Batch file is a low level solution to automate tasks when there are software tools likeTimeComX and Scheduler  to schedule tasks and automate windows operations.

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