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How to Hide Web Pages For Specific Time Period with Page Snooze [Chrome]

If you happen to work with multiple opened tabs, the problem arises when it comes to manage those tabs. Consider a situation: you have 15 opened tabs on your browser and you want to look for a specific tab. One way is to check each tab one by one which might be the most annoying task for any internet users and will consume a lot of time.

If you use Google Chrome, you should know that using shortcuts to switch tabs doesn’t show the preview of what is opened in the tabs. There are extensions available in the store like TooManyTabs that allows users to check the preview of the opened tabs and suspend tabs that you don’t want to use. It often happens that many users forget that they have suspended tabs and may not find that web page later even from search engines. If you want to get rid of this problem and make Google Chrome remind you about the tabs that are hidden, give Page Snooze for Google Chrome a try.

With PageSnooze, users can manage tabs in Google Chrome and snooze them up to few weeks. Once installed, the extension will add a clock icon in the extensions area. To snooze any web page, just select the tab that you want and click on the Page Snooze icon. By default, when you use the Page Snooze button from Google Chrome, it will snooze the page for one week. There is no way you can change it to something less or more.


To snooze for a custom time period, you must use the right click context menu. Simply open the tab you want to snooze, right click anywhere on the web page and select the time period for which you want to snooze the tab. Once the snooze time finishes, the web page automatically comes back to the browser. The number of tabs snoozed will be displayed on the extension icon.


To check which pages are snoozed, simply go to Page Snooze settings and it will show you all the pages. If you wish to change bring it back, just delete it from the list and it will remove it from the snooze list.


Page Snooze is a very handy extension for Google Chrome that allows users to manage tabs in a better way. If you tried Page Snooze, feel free to share your thoughts.

Download Page Snooze for Google Chrome

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