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Today is April Fool’s Day – the day most of us have been waiting for all year to pull pranks on our friends!

If you have friends who are not very tech-savvy and do not know much about using their computer, then anything that convinces them that their computer is ‘broken’ or dysfunctional can cause them to instantly panic. This is why there are many ‘evil’ guides on the internet that help you in removing the icons from the desktop and replacing the wallpaper with an identical screenshot. This convinces your friend that there are icons on the desktop that are simply not click-able.

There are other easy-to-implement pranks that involve the usage of screensavers. You can replace the desktop with a similar screensaver to confuse a friend or you can setup a screensaver that gives the illusion of the LCD being cracked.

While all these pranks are going to confuse your friends, there is nothing like ‘Fly on Desktop’ to have fun with friends who are not tech-savvy and that have a problem with flies.


‘Fly on Desktop’ is a free to use desktop application that is compatible with Windows computers. The application comes in a setup file that is packed in a zip archive that is sized at nearly 0.8 MB. Once you install the application and run it, you instantly see flies taking a stroll on your monitor screen. But do not worry – these are only virtual flies. To add more flies you can right-click on the System Tray icon of the application.


By going into the application’s preferences, you can set the initial number of flies to whatever number you like. A large number has a rather horrific effect as all of those flies seem to come out of a central hole in your monitor.


All you have to do is keep the application running on a friend’s computer and wait for them to use it. Alternatively, you can run the application on your own laptop and work while your friends stare in confusion. Be casual about the flies. “Yeah, these flies keep bothering me and walking all over my display” is a reply that will surely make your friends worry about how comfortable you are with flies.

In this simple and fun way you are able to pull a prank on your friends for April Fool’s Day.

You can get “Fly on Desktop” from here. And if you know of any other harmless ‘prank apps’ let us know of them in the comments.

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