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How to Send any files instantly from one device to another with Send Anywhere

Looking for a simple yet effective way to send any file instantly from one device to another? check out Send Anywhere. It’s a unique web service that gives you the ability to transfer files over 3G/4G or your WiFi connection.

It supports any type of files, how large they are and there’s also no limit on the number of files you’re sending. Another thing that caught my attention with Send Anywhere is that the files we’re sending aren’t stored anywhere on the internet, their priority transferring path is p2p, with NO going through server unless the connection isn’t good. That’s when it’ll pass through an optimal node server, still, without storing.
Here’s how it works.
There is no sign-up or log-in required, no need to register for anything. Visit the website and simply add files that you want to send.

After you’ve selected the files, click on ‘send files’. You’ll instantly receive a random/unique key. If there are devices nearby, click on ‘send key’ and it will start searching. Go to the receiving device or simply give the key to the recipient whom you want to send the file.

As soon they input the key and click on receive, you’ll see a notification that the file has been transferred. And that’s it. It’s as simple as that.
Features like sending files directly & instantly across networks (local network or via cellular data) and across all platforms & connected devices (Android, IOS, Web) is something you’ll really like. More features are coming soon as well.
Check out Send Anywhere

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