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Many times you think about one serious question.


Anyone wants to download free music & movie from internet. But no one knows the way to do. Which website offers the free mp3 music and movie to listen online or to download? Where can I find the Hindi mp3 music, Telgu, Tamil, Punjabi, English, Album, and other tracks?

Here you can listen music online totally free and also make your own album in bases of artist, tracks, music director, lyrics, favorite actor, actress, director, singer, classical to pop. These sites also offer you to download free mp3 music of all type.

You can manage your music database online and listen anytime without need of download. Also you can share your music with your friends and family. There are huge databases available online for this purpose. Music and Videos are available in different formats like .mp3, .aac, .wav, .wma, .mid, .ogg, .ra, for audio and .avi, .asf, .wmv, .avs, .mov, .3gp, .mp4, .mpg, .mpeg, .dat, .ogm, .vob, .rm, for video.

I have the brieee…eef answer of this thirst.............................................

Here you go, just click the links below:
(Free Hindi MP3 downloads. A large range of old & latest release music) (MP3, Real Audio Music Downloads. You can also see the lyrics of Hindi songs). (for English songs) (for English songs) (Enjoy! Latest Music Section) (Best Collections of- Bollywood MP3, English MP3, Old Hindi MP3, Video songs, etc.) (Hindi Latest Mp3 Downloads) (Free Hindi Latest MP3 Downloads) (This site is having good collection of latest and other all types of music for listening online) (Latest, Old song Collections available in .RM Format/Real Player Format which is easy and takes just seconds. to download) (free Indian Movie Songs. Indian movie songs, 2014 Files in 244 Folder. Indian Pop & Remix Songs 63 Files) (Download free Hindi mp3, Hindi music download info, Bollywood Pop Music) (Bollywood latest songs, Hindi download mp3) (Bollywood and Hollywood music) (Download free Hindi songs and lyrics by singer name) (For movies collection) (Mobile Ringtones, Theme, Videos & More)
These sites may offer free Hindi songs, new releases, free Hindi mp3, movie songs, cultural folk songs, tribal music, Hindi music downloads online, lyrics databases etc. Some of sites listed below may offer them free while others may charge a small fee to register to download songs. Always read terms & conditions and be careful about copyrights law. - This site now change form ‘’ and a good site for download. Offer separate downloads for Free and Premium member. Also allows you listen to songs. - This site gives some rare old classic songs for free. It is a Very good site. - This site is dedicated to Talat Mahmood the King of Ghazals. You can read about him and listen to his songs. - Large collection of searchable Hindi film songs. Helps you to find whatever information you like for the song that's surrounding in your mind. With the first few words of the song, typed any way you think is reasonable. Also the name of the singer, music director, lyricist, film, actor, year, and you can find it! You need to install the Devnagari Unicode font on your computer. - Good music for download available here. - This have latest and old movie songs. - Allows you listen to songs with MP3 sound track and Real player sound track as well. The file size is too low for quick download. - This site provide download of popular songs but recorded by member of site in their own voice. - Offers collection of music lyrics & songs collection. - it offers new and latest MP3s, Hindi movie songs online in real audio. – This have ranking of different downloading sites with hits each day. - Indian melodious songs available here. However this will redirect you to other sites once you made some selections. -This site is having good collection of latest and other all types of music for listening online. - This site shown as radio station and these stations are available in different categories, by Singer, Actor, Actress, Music category, Year, Genre, Director, and Music Director. Good for online listening. - This site is having good collection of latest and other all types of music for listening online. - This site is having good collection of latest and other all types of music for listening online and available with song lyrics. - It offers Indian music and Hindi mp3 online. Even texts of mantras are available but could not find place to download. You can find religious and meditation songs here.

Websites for lyrics of the songs=> -It also provide translation of lyrics. -Check it out for lyrics. Some sites listed above also offers lyrics.

You can also check these sites=> - Online music station – A paid site which allows users to download a nice collection of Hindi mp3 songs. - For songs in .rm format


Another way of downloading Hindi mp3 music is from IRC channels. You will need to find out about the legal stuff before you decide to download from there. You must have IRC chat software for that. You can download from

You can join a very popular room #DESI-MP3 on server Join the room to search and download the Hindi mp3 music available on the internet. On joining any room, check for the triggers which tell you what files are available for download. You can join some another rooms like this. You can also listen to music by Shout cast and podcast.


Wana download directly on your mobile phone or PDA!

If you have a GPRS enabled mobile than log on to=>

(These have small compressed mp3 files. Also some sites listed above offers download to mobile phones)


Disclaimer: Remember always, downloading music from unauthorized website is not in favor of our music and film industry and it harms industry in millions of rupees। Please always download music and video from authorized websites and helps to stop music and video piracy.


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