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World’s Fastest CPU at 5.2GHz by IBM

The New zEnterprise 196 is world's fastest, most powerful microprocessors running at 5.2Ghz, capable of executing more than 50 billion instructions per second. This new IBM microprocessor technology has new software to optimize performance of data-heavy workloads, including up to a 60% improvement in data intensive and Java workloads.
The quad-core z196 runs at an astonishing 5.2GHz, taking the title from IBM's own 4.7GHz Power6 CPU. The new chip contains 1.4 billion transistors - 300 million more than Intel's six-core desktop CPUs - on a 512mm2 package made using a 45nm manufacturing-process.
Each core has been given 1.5MB private L2 cache as well as access to 24MB shared L3 eDRAM cache. Somewhat uniquely, the z196 also has access to a fourth layer of cache off-chip. Six of these CPUs can be installed into a multi-chip module (MCM) and will connect to each other through two controllers with a total of 192MB shared L4 cache via a 40GB per second link. Apparently the processors are so fast that this extra level of memory is necessary to ensure that they are constantly fed with data.
Another relatively unusual feature is the use of the CISC-based z/Architecture, as opposed to a more common RISC ISA. CISC has largely been superseded by RISC, but is still useful for certain operations that require very large amounts of memory to properly run.
A water cooling option is also available for the z196 that can reduce energy use by up to 12%.(9) In a normal data center environment, water cooling reduces the required system air flow by more than 20%, while removing more than 70% of the system air heat load.
The z196 will find its way into IBM's Z-series mainframes and should start shipping at some point in September. Intel and AMD fighting for the fastest CPU crown, but IBM beat them and make a record for the CPU with the highest clock-speed.

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